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Our Bakery

When you think about Hungary, probably the first thing which comes to your mind is the excellent world famous food & drinks and the friendly hospitality.


We are very proud bringing to Australia Hungary's world famous baking & cooking traditions with hundreds of years history since 2012.


We at Bodri's are fully committed to quality in every aspects, therefore we spent a lot of time to improve our products, find the finest quality ingredients in Australia and create an appealing design which resulted in a five-star café experience for our valued customers.


We wanted to create the finest and best rated micro bakery & café in Adelaide therefore we decided to bring Italy's finest premium coffee to South Australia from Lucaffé which is perfectly matching with our freshly baked pastries and it quickly became Adelaide's favourite coffee and hot chocolate.



Artisan baking means, all the products are handmade freshly only from traditional fine quality natural ingredients. This is a huge difference comparing to the mass production bakeries where not the quality but the quantity counts.

We prepare our pastries in our shop and continuously freshly baking throughout the day in small batches. Thanks to this unique concept, all the pastries you buy from us were baked usually in the last 1-3 hours, and most of the times they are still warm!

We also cook Hungarian dishes, like the Gulyás (goulash) soup in winter months, and the oven baked langosh called Langallo.

At Bodri's beside the baked goods you can find one of the finest coffees & hot chocolate in Adelaide!

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