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When you think about Hungary, probably the first thing which comes to your mind is the excellent world famous food & drinks and the friendly hospitality.


We are proud bringing to Australia Hungary's world famous baking & cooking traditions with hundreds of years history.


We at Bodri's are fully committed to quality in every aspects, therefore we spent a lot of time to improve our products, find the finest quality ingredients in Australia and create an appealing design which resulted in a five-star café experience for our valued customers.

Traditional Hungarian


Hungary is a beautiful country in the middle of Europe with exceptional climate and soil for growing beautiful quality fruits, vegetables and grains. From these top quality ingredients our ancestors were cooking and baking delicious dishes throughout the centuries which became the trademark of Hungary since then. Most of you probably heard about the famous Chimney Cakes, Dobos Tort or Langos.

At Bodri's we continue to follow the old traditions, cooking from only the finest quality natural ingredients following the old traditional recipes.

You can be 100% sure, that at Bodri's we will never use any food additives, artificial preservatives, flavorings or cheap fillers.


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